Cloud, Maker, Community: Source and Data, Startup are 4 main themes of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015.

Keynotes and Talks (including SITCON Talks) are 45-mins and 40-mins each with 10-15 minutes break between sessions.

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Some topics of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 are the following. Levels are beginners(B), intermediate(I), advanced(A). Lanuguages are English(E), Mandarin(M), Cantonese(C). Slides are in English(E), Chinese(C).

Preliminary agenda format is available. Topics and Speakers are subject to changes without further notice.


Title Speaker Tags Community Level Language Slide
Jonathan Corbet (*1) United States linux kernel Linux Weekly News I E E
GNOME 3.16 Tobias Mueller Germary gnome GNOME B E E
"Yes we Cone !" VLC plays everything and will more François Cartegnie France videolan VideoLAN I E E Building Distribution in the Cloud Era Ziqian SUN (Zamir) China fedora linux cloud Fedora I E E
State of The Dolphin 2015 - MySQL Technical Update, MySQL 5.7 and beyond Ryusuke Kajiyama Japan oracle Oracle B E E
Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers Ivan Ma Hong Kong mysql database Hong Kong MySQL User Group B E E
The local community experience in Beijing GNU/Linux User Group Tong Hui China linux community Beijing GNU/Linux User Group B M E
Identification of yellow/blue ribbons: a simple computer vision problem? Chung-hong Chan Hong Kong A E E
Transcompiling - towards the freedom of programming language and platform choice Andy Li Hong Kong A C E
Building a self learning word prediction and auto-correct module for FirefoxOS and openweb handling multilingual input Rabimba Karanjai United States firefoxos Mozilla I E E
全字庫開放資料的應用 趙惟倫 Wei-Lun Chao (*1) Taiwan i18n l10n B M C
The Open Source solution for distributing accessible applications for blind and visually impaired people Michael Pozhidaev Russia I E E
Create IoT with Open Source Hardware, Tizen and HTML5 Leon Anavi Bulgaria internetofthing tizen B E E
Hacking with ARM devices (Netwalker and also) on Linux Kenji Shimono Japan arm linux I E E
Take back (some of) your privacy control with Firefox and extensions Hayden Chung Hong Kong firefox privacy Mozilla B E E
Trash Robotic Router Platform David Melendez Spain A E E
"自由香港楷書"創作中的長者參與 卓嘉敏小姐 Hong Kong i18n l10n 香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心 I C C
ES6 Alan Chiang Hong Kong javascript I E E
Tuning Linux for your Database Colin Charles Malaysia I E E
Meteor, the Ultimate Framework for i18n Apps Daniel Chcouri Israel meteorjs A E E
Automated Web UI Testing in Ruby using Cucumber and Selenium Baochuan Lu United States ruby cucumber selenium mediawiki I E E
Openstack and containers gustavo panizzo Argentina openstack lxc docker libvirt openstack I E E
Terrarium - How to design and make an interactive prototyping tool Penk Chen Taiwan terrarium ui prototyping QtQuick B M E
Building Machine Learning Application with PredictionIO Paul Li Hong Kong B E E
Gandi CLI Thomas Kuiper Taiwan B E E


Title Speaker Tags Community Level Language Slide
Website DIY with Drupal 8 Edison Wong Hong Kong drupal Hong Kong Drupal User Group B E E
畫圖學 Functional Programming Chung-hong Chan Hong Kong I C E
Hands-on massive data processing tools and platforms Pili Hu, Charlie Chen Hong Kong hadoop spark graphlab Open Innovation Lab, CUHK B E E
Effective database Triton Ho Hong Kong B C E
Mozilla Webmaker Irvin Chen Taiwan mozilla webmaker Mozilla B M E


Title Speaker Tags Community Level Language Slide
From 1 to 2300: A Brief History of SITCON and how it was organized Poren Chiang Taiwan sitcon SITCON B E E
[Workshop] Web Audio API: The Basics Licson Lee Hong Kong SITCON B E E
Google Code-In — 開源,從小開始 海豹 & Denny Huang Taiwan opensource google codein SITCON B M C
SITCON新手村:從夏令營開始 林育慈 Taiwan sitcon SITCON B M C
Using MeteorJs to create real-time web applications Jack Lam Hong Kong meteorjs javascript B C E

Lightning Talks

Title Speaker Tags Community Level Language Slide
COSCUP: What, Why, and How. Bob Chao Taiwan conference community COSCUP B M E+C


  1. *1: His/Her Oversea Speaker Travel / Accommodation Allowance is fully/partially granted and sponsored by HKOSCon 2015.