Automated Web UI Testing in Ruby using Cucumber and Selenium

Speaker: Baochuan Lu (United States)

Community: mediawiki

Language: English (With English Slides)

Category: Open Source

Tag: UI

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About Speaker

I teach computer science at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar Missouri, USA. I am interested in incorporating open source projects in my teaching. In my spare time I run long distance, write code, and build tools using wood and 3D printers.

About the Topic

In recent year we have been trying to incorporate open source projects in our computer science curriculum. One project we participated in is mediawiki, which powers many wikimedia foundation sites, such as wikipedia, wikibooks, and wikidata. In this talk I will share our experience working with the community and the learning outcomes from the students. I will also talk about the principles of acceptance testing for Behavior Driven Design and how automated Web UI testing embodies such principles. Automated acceptance tests used in the mediawiki project are written in Ruby using Cucumber and Selenium drivers. Some example tests will be used for study and demonstration purposes.

If time allows I can give a quick tutorial on how to create an acceptance test for mediawiki.