ES6: Impact and overcome for latest JS standard

Speaker: Alan Chiang (Hong Kong)

Language: English / Cantonese / Manadrin (with English Slides)

Category: Open Source

Tag: ECMAScript 6 Javascript

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About Speaker

Web Developer
Software analyst
Startup person

Co-founded HK startups for e-learning, enlighten the learning process through real-time technologies. Open-source lover.

About the Topic

JavaScript/ES6 is now being deployed to the web, and with the akins of Node.js/io.js and the rest, we are welcoming the future with lots of features awaiting us to discover. As JavaScript becomes the everyday of life of many web programmers, frontend or backend, what can we benefit from adopting them now? In this talk, I would try to introduce those new things for programmers not-so into the server-side JavaScript with topics that would amuse them, and for those who are already into that world, would discuss things that concern all of us.