Exploring the right business strategy for open source mobile platforms

Speaker: Amanda Lam (Hong Kong)

Community: HKPUG

Language: English (with English Slides)

Tag: mobile

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About Speaker

product manager of job seeker products at jobsDB / gadget enthusiast / diversity advocate / amateur open source developer / blogger & youtuber / HKPUG podcaster

About the Topic

The mobile industry has longer been dominated by two major ecosystems, iOS and Android. While Windows Phone and BlackBerry are fighting for the third place in global market share, open source newcomers such as Firefox OS, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu on Phones are struggling to attract market attention and traction.

Even these newcomers are based heavily on open source technologies, there are still unavoidable but significant proprietary elements in them. Would those proprietary elements hinder innovation and permeation of the new platforms? How do we break the app support perception myth of mass consumers and have their buy-in? What can be done to convince manufacturers and carriers for better support?

We will first look at the open source newcomers with different strategic analyses; and then explore more around these topics by having active conversations with some of you.