Fedora.next: Building Distribution in the Cloud Era

Speaker: Ziqian Sun (China) a.k.a. Zamir

Community: Fedora

Language: English (With English Slides)

Category: Open Source

Tag: UI

Photo of Ziqian Sun

About Speaker

I am Zamir, a contributor for Fedora Project from mainland China. I mainly help organizing online and offline events. I've been using Open Source technologies for a long time and promoting Open Source for more that two years. I give a talk about FirewallD in FUDCon Beijing 2014. More information can be found on my user page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Zsun

About the Topic

With cloud being more and more popular, developers are more focused on app itself and operating system is becoming transparent to developers. So it is a great task for distributions to stay relevant in cloud and be more interesting. So there comes Fedora.next, an architecture to employ a ring model to create several products, and to be more agile in the next decade. I would like to introduce the background, the changes for Fedora.next, how Fedora is involving the cloud era, and what can everyone do to make Fedora better. The target audience includes, but not limited to, Fedora users and contributors, open source developers, and distro watchers.