Hacking with ARM devices (Netwalker and also) on Linux

Speaker: Kenji Shimono (Japan)

Community: Netwalker Laboratory

Language: English (with English Slides)

Category: Open Source

Tag: Netwalker Linux

Photo of Kenji Shimono

About Speaker

Kapper is ARM devices Mania of Japanese.

I'm playing with Linux hacking of various ARM devices.
(about Netwaker,DynabookAZ,RaspberryPi,chromebook and also)

I am active in such mainly open source conference in Japan.

About the Topic

Hacking with various ARM deivces ´╝łNetwalker, DynabookAZ and also´╝ë.

In this forum, I will talk ARM Linux with the user point of view.

Let us try in various ways playing the ARM Linux.