Web Audio API: The Basics

Speaker: Licson Lee (Hong Kong)

Community: SITCON

Language: Cantonese (With English Slides)

Sub-Track: SITCON x HK

Tag: web

Photo of Licson Lee

About Speaker

I am a secondary student web technologies enthusiast. I have ~5 years of coding experience and is currently devoted in new web technologies like HTML5 and node.js.

About the Topic

A few years ago, the web was without sound. Adding of this important element to web pages can only be done with plugins. With the advent of HTML5 and all related JavaScript APIs, the web can finally express its rich content with sounds. Later, we find that only having sounds is not enough, audio needs to be controlled precisely to fully unleash its potential.This is why Web Audio API is here, and it is especially useful for interactions.

In this workshop, I will teach you how to start using Web Audio API in your webpages and how it can control every single sound clips to play at when and where you want.